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Oil palm plantation in Indonesia face many challenges, one of which is to respond to condition that approximately every 25 years, oil palm plants cease being productive and need to be replanted.

This replanting program is becoming of importance for the next decade and one of the strategic steps contributing towards optimization of the production of CPO as well as support sustainability principles and to protect our forest.

As one of the Nation-Wide Contractor for Palm Oils Estate CBR has come a long way that perform a service in supporting Replanting Program in few key areas of Palm Oil plantation in Central and South Kalimantan.

Since the company started its full operation in the year 2019, together with our business partners and clients, we continue to grow and keep improving our service to create new values constantly to our clients with sustainability and innovation at the heart of our operations. To meet the principle of sustainability, the program is run based on environmentally friendly land management.

With our Replanting operations which are innovation-driven and sustainability led, we design the best management of Replanting Operations to our clients that has been proven effectively increasing plantation yields, enhance the overall productivity of the operations.

In addition to technical activities to replace unproductive oil palms, our replanting program also includes human resource development activities, including training and mentoring.

At CBR, we understand that all of our efforts to keep increasing our business performance using our strengths for future businesses has lead us in a right direction to develop our business towards a business portfolio that has higher value with a reliable resilience.