Sustainability Policy  & Environment

We do understand how important the Replanting Program of Oil Palm Plantation is to all our stakeholders.

As the contractor of The Replanting Process, we play a critical role in assured that the execution of activities on the operation side is based on a proper sustainability approach.

PT CBR commits to guaranteeing that the strategic goal of the Replanting Program to make old un-productive palm oil trees more productive without increasing land use – to ensure the sustainability of oil palm as one of the nation’s strategic commodities – has to be achieved only in sustainable business policies within its all operational activities.

This spirit involves integrated responsibilities to cover the interest of our employment, environment, and community so we can deliver our best value to all our stakeholders.


We commit to optimizing our resources to protect nature through implement  substantial actions, such as : formulation and socialization of Zero Burning Policy in the Replanting Processing to prevent fires and protect the area.