Labor Rights, Occupational Health & Safety

We empower balanced opportunities without discrimination to improve our employee’s welfare, through :

  • Strict adherence to prevailing Labor Laws and related regulations.
  • Provision of equal work opportunities and fair treatment without any discrimination of ethnicity, race, origin, religion, and gender.
  • Restriction of forced labor and employment of children under 18 years of age in any type of work.
  • Right to join Labor Union.
  • Internal or external training or socialization programs to improve laborers’ skills and proficiency.
  • Provision and construction of facilities and infrastructure in the plantation area.

Occupational Health and Safety

PT CBR strongly devotes to ensuring the execution of OHS by our employees by establishing a healthy and safe working atmosphere. 

We apply the subsequent policies and programs to achieve our OHS objectives :

  • Obligate the employees to use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) based on assignments performed provided by the company.
  • Empower employees with adequate proficiency, training, and experience respecting health and safety and perform regular briefings every daybreak to increase the awareness of employees concerning the importance of PPE procedure and health and safety implementation.
  • Establish partnerships with local health institutions to conduct regular medical care checkups and health counseling services for employees and the local community.