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The vision of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Company is to become a Committee that has high competence in assisting the Company in the Implementation of the principles of Good Corporate Governance (“GCG”) and the Code of Business Principles of the Company (“COBP”) in the field of human resources management (“HR”) and the implementation of the nomination and remuneration functions for member of the Board of Directors and/or members of the Board of Commissioners of the Company.

The Purpose and Objectives of Nomination & Remuneration Committee are intended as guidelines for the Committee to be able to carry out its duties and responsibilities efficiently, transparently, professionally, independently and accountably in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

President Commisioner :  Mr. Delson Tengdyantono

Mr. Delson Tengdyantono

Independent Commisioner :  Mr. Jaya Angdika

Mr. Jaya Angdika

Audit Committee Profile

The Company’s Audit Committee is tasked with providing and independent professional opinion to the Company’s Board of Commissioners on reports or matters submitted by the Company’s Board of Directors to the Company’s Board of Commissioners and identifying matters that require the attention of the Company’s Board of Commissioners.

The Company’s Audit Committee consists of 1 (one) Chairman and 2 (two) members.

Independent Commisioner :  Mr. Jaya Angdika

Mr. Jaya Angdika


Andreas Andry

Vivi Ok

Vivi Fui